Our History

The state of art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, Alpha Pharma, was officially inaugurated by official representatives of the Saudi government, on the 20th of April 2017, inside King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC).  in Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). Alpha Pharma is the result of the collaboration with Cigalah Group, a leading healthcare distributor in the Saudi market.

Our Chairman

“Alpha Pharma’s objectives align with KSA’s 2030 Vision and reflect the country’s leadership ambition to become the life science industry’s regional hub.

The company will continue deploying its competitive resources to unleash its potential and become one of the top leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the region.”

Our General Manager

“Alpha Pharma’s obligation is to produce high-quality and safe medications for its patients, and maintain the manufacturing capacity of its factory to meet national and regional demand. The company is committed to achieving that, by continuing the ongoing quality and production enhancements.”

Our Vision

Alpha Pharma’s vision is to become a leading high-quality branded regional pharmaceutical company; committed to quality and excellence, creating value for its shareholders and patients. We aim to be ranked within the top ten companies, among the MENA pharmaceutical manufacturers in the coming 10 years.

Our Mission

Alpha Pharma is a dynamic company providing quality, affordable medications and life science solutions to patients, healthcare providers, and payers through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies.

Alpha Pharma aspires to become a valued partner for all its stakeholders, including investors, distributors, suppliers, employees, and the community. 

Our Core Values



We communicate and provide objectives clearly by supporting each other with empathy, respect, listening and providing honest feedback.



We are transparent, honest and provide full disclosure of relevant information truthfully.

Customer Focus


We are committed to knowing our customers, valuing our relations with our customers, to eventually reap their satisfaction.



We believe in the value of ownership, empowerment, self-discipline and promote a culture of no blame.

Continuous Learning


We promote self-development and eagerness to learn among our employees by continuously engaging and challenging them while providing support and coaching.